We are the icon building agency.
An icon is a brand that people not only buy, but also love.
A brand has consumers; an icon has fans.
Consumers give you their money; fans give you their hearts.
Consumers always complain; fans always forgive.
Consumers are critics; fans are ambassadors.
Consumers always change; fans always stick around.
Fans cannot be bought; they must be earned.  


Since 2011, we have been working to convert brands into icons.

We believe that every brand has a unique talent. We believe in the power of communication. We believe that the digital era is a great opportunity.

We dream of a world led by brands that have discovered their purpose and talent and positively inspire everybody.

And our mission is to empower these change makers, clarifying their brands, making them more visible and helping them to go further.

We work with celebrities, influencers, leaders, artists, chefs, politicians, directors, entrepreneurs, employees, university students... We help them raise their personal brands to the higher icon category.

We work with products and services that have a clear purpose to help make them become realities. 


A team that grows depending on each project.

Led by Mireia Martín, an experienced strategist with a proven track record and an extensive portfolio of brand and communications projects who has worked for top brands in a wide range of sectors. BBVA, Coca Cola, Danone, General Mills, Jack Daniel’s, Levi’s, Nestlé, Pepsico and P&G are just a few examples. After 14 years of active experience encompassing working at a boutique brand consulting firm in London to international creative agencies, she decided to create her own business in 2011, focused on taking brands to a higher level and making them into icons. She has combined advancing her career from executor to business owner with teaching at university. 
A team continuously enriched. Every project has different challenges and every project requires different talents. Which is why we create ad-hoc teams with collaborators with great expertise, so we can offer the very best results for each and every case.


Alex Corretja, Cesc Fabregas, Andreu Fontàs, Emma Giner, Daniel Jauregui, Vanesa Lorenzo, Paula Martí, Gemma Mengual, Paco Osuna, Montse Vicens, Javier García. Alter ego, Adam, Boheringer, Converse, Correos, Danone, EAE, eBay, EICB, Fanta, FIBA, Horniman’s, IDEC, IDEP, Laboratorios Viñas, La Basad, La Caixa, Larios, Nike, Óptica Universitaria, SEAT, Stradivarius, Tintoré & Brasó, Unilever, Unimm, Vueling.

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