Influencer Marketing

Or marketing of influencers, a form of advertising that is growing but at the same time generating a lot of debate.

On July 6 we were talking about this at EAE Business School, the business school of Planeta Group in Aragon Street where we taught an open master class to all students of master’s and postgraduate courses at the university. A session dedicated to influencers and their power in a social media strategy. We explore what influencer marketing is and what can help you when promoting your brand.

And why does all this matter?

Everything comes from the CONFIDENCE crises suffered by brands and their institutions. Today opinions matter more on Trip Advisor than what a hotel or restaurant can communicate.

Opinions matter a lot and people express them, not brands or products. That is why involving people who have influence on a given issue has become key to connecting with people.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when recommended by a brand ambassador. ”
Nielsen Studio, 2013

70% of Americans say they read the comments about the products before buying them. ”
Zero Moment of Truth

And what are the influencers then?

In the end, an influencer is just a person who has a great reputation and leadership among his followers and ends up becoming a great prescriber.

REPUTATION that is the result of visibility x frequency. Today everything that is not visible is suspicious, not existing on the Internet is synonymous of something strange is happening … Influencers have high visibility and communicate with a high frequency and continued over time.

On the other hand, LEADERSHIP. An influencer has so much influence among his followers and readers so becomes a leader on a given subject. And it is so, about something in particular, you are not influencer in everything. Guy Kawasaki is influencer in innovation, Dulceida in lifestyle and fashion and Isabel del Barrio in fitness.

Growth factors in the influx of influencers


Selfie, Daffodils and Egoblogers They know that they are their best brand. There is a greater awareness of the individual where being a protagonist is more important than being different. RRSS have promoted more hedonistic and narcissistic behaviors, but they have also created a counter-culture based on the search for oneself outside hyperexposure. A millennial does not seek to please everyone, seeks to signify. This means that they like brands that take sides.

“Each subject is its own object of publicity. Everything is measured in its exposure value “.
Byung-Chul Han


Social networks have given people the power to have their own media reaching thousands of people around the world. Today any of us is a brand and has the possibility to connect and influence.


More present in our lives, smartphones, wearables … everything is technology and allows us to read and communicate at any time.

79% of consumers say they use a smartphone to make decisions when they go shopping. ”
Zero Moment of Truth


I want an experience with an influencer.
TEN keys for your strategy to success.

1. Define the objectives well
2. Define priorities well
3. Select by affinity, not only by metrics
4. Know the influencer
5. Provide clear guidelines
6. Provide quality and varied content
7. Give freedom of adaptation
8. Put things easy
9. Propose a balanced exchange
10. Design an interesting experience that originates content

Nowadays, both brands and agencies want to work with influencers to connect with people, which is why they have become key players in marketing strategies. The influencers bring credibility, impact, scope and above all freshness that is what they really need.

70% of the engagement of brands comes from the work done with influencers.
F. ALT, Director of Global Communications of ADIDAS

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