Personal branding for coaches

We are fully working on the creation of an icon dedicated to Life Coaching, a project that is being an ambitious challenge because it is a very saturated market in which to get differentiation is not an easy task.

But it is also being a very enriching project in which we are learning many things such as how similar coaching and personal branding are. In fact, they are professions that are closely linked because we both work with people and for people. In both cases it contributes to its development and spectacular results are achieved.

Coach is the person who works the person from within, eliminating brakes and limiting beliefs and enhancing talents and abilities. Personal branding works the person out to help them shine, turning into an icon and highlighting what makes him unique, that talent which contributes to people’s lives and inspire them.

But there are just a few coaches with really inspiring brands, all of them have very similar approaches, they tell us many things but in an emotional way, they do not connect to people’s hearts.

The key to achieving this is to carry out a personal branding strategy that builds a brand that is truly unique, different, relevant and that above all inspires people to get the best out of themselves.

Some advice if you are a coach and you are considering building your own personal brand:

  • Offer a visible, credible and reliable value proposition.
  • Find your niche market, where you really add value and specialize.
  • Look for what makes you different from other coaches, what makes you unique.
  • Analyse how people are, what worries them, what do they need and how you can contribute in their lives. 
  • Stay up to date with everything that is coming and take advantage of the potential of new technologies.
  • Think well that you contribution to the people and express it clearly.
  • In reference to naming, please value your decision as well as you can. Your name and last name is usually more close and credible. In the end Tony Robbins, the most recognized coach, or Jay Shetty triumphing among millennial … are people before being brands.
  • They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, get a logo that visually represents your brand essence and makes you attractive.
  • Keep the simplicity and consistency in everything you do.
  • Carefully choose the appropriate communication channels for your brand.
  • When you feel ready, write a book and share all your knowledge with the world.

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