We launch our website

iconista website on air!

It is told that “in the blacksmith’s house the knife is made by stick” and it is true because even we work on communications until now we have not published the new iconista website.

And the truth is that we have always been so busy that we never found the necessary time.

Now finally it is a reality and we are very proud of it!

A website that is created to explain the essence of iconista and its purpose of helping shine those brands that want to make a positive difference in the world.

Where we explain also our services, from what we do (strategy, creation, communication and sales) to how we do it (in the form of a project, accompaniment, session or training).

The section of icons wants to show a selection of our works, they are only a sample of what we have donde since we have many more, we will share them little by little when we have time to prepare them.

On the other hand, journal section is created as a space to share everything we want to tell the world, from something internal to any content of value that we believe may interest to our community.

And finally resources where we will share resources both free and paid content as training to all those who want to learn from our expertise.

We want also thank all the team that has been part of this project, Chema Gete for its motivational energy, Mery Garriga for his good taste, Laura Riu for making everything work, Maria Saez and Ander Sanchez for their hours of dedication and their love always to everything that they do for us, Sergi Manaut for his advice and debates, Manel Gimeno, Montse Vicens, Mireia Rodriguez for the photos.

We wish you like it!

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